Media Vault of Boats


For your convenience, these files are compatible with both Macintosh and PC platforms to easily provide you with print-ready photography. Crestliner grants blanket permission to use any of this photography for any "legitimate and favorable" benefit to the Crestliner brand.


Please note that because our line is so extensive, press releases on every model are impractical. If you would like press information on a specific model or general copy, please call or e-mail us. Copy will be provided within 24 hours.

Contact Crestliner Marketing Team

Crestliner Boats' policy is to cooperate fully with the outdoor press. If you need a boat for a test on an emergency basis, please call and we will endeavor to fill your requirement with water-ready product, a crew, and press release copy.

Lori Kneeland Marketing Manager
Crestliner Boats Office: 866-301-8544