International Military Program

International Military Program

Crestliner offers a discount to active duty servicemen, former servicemen who were honorably discharged, and immediate family members of servicemen killed in military conflicts.

The discount can be used on Model Year 2014 and 2015 new/unused/unregistered Crestliner boats packaged with Mercury engines. Qualified personnel receive the applicable discount (per the chart below) off the retail sales contract.

Discounts - Military Program

Level 1 Sportfish 2150, Raptor 2050 $1,250
Level 2 Sportfish 1850/1950, Raptor 1750/1850, Commander 1850, Super Hawk 1850/1950, 2200 Bay, 2050 Authority, 2200 Intruder $1,000
Level 3 Fish Hawk 1750/1850, Super Hawk 1750, Pro Tiller 1750/1850 $750
Level 4 Retriever 2070 SC/CC, Fish Hawk 1600/1650, Pro Tiller 1650, 2000 Coast Edition, Super Hawk 1650, VT 17/18/19 & TC 17/18, 1600 Vision $500
Level 5 1800 Coast Edition, Sportsman Family, Kodiak Family, 1657 Outlook, 16/17 Storm, All Retrievers not listed in Levels 1-4 $300

Classification and Documentation

As with other discounts, the military discount must be pre-approved.

Active duty servicemen:

Present a copy of your current military I.D. card.

Former servicemen who were honorably discharged:

Provide discharge paperwork applicable to that country's armed forces

Immediate family members (mother, father,
brother, sister, spouse, child) of servicemen killed
in military conflicts:

Submit a Death Certificate verifying serviceman was killed in military conflict dated 1991 or later, or Submit Record of Casualty Notification Actions dated 1991 or later, or Submit an official military condolence letter dated 1991 or later

Servicemen from other coutnries such as Canada and Australia should provide death notice paperwork applicable to that country's armed forces