1. Why a Crestliner Mod-V

    Built Right.

    Two simple words that mean a world of difference on the water. At Crestliner, we build every boat from the water up with an unmatched dedication to performance, style, comfort and durability. Our advanced manufacturing techniques stand behind nearly 70 years of proven expertise. That's our Built Right philosophy, and it's what gives Crestliner owners complete confidence in their Mod-V boats from the keel up.

  2. Multi Hull Performance
    Multi Hull Performance Image1
    Multi Hull Performance Image2
    Multi Hull Performance Image3

    Multi-X Hull

    Unlike competitors that use a large single sheet of aluminum, our Mod-V hulls utilize a multi-piece hull design with formed-in strakes built into the construction process. Add in extruded ribs under the decking and the result is a hull with superior strength, stability and durability.

  3. Tongue and Groove

    Extruded Full-Length Keel

    The backbone of our Mod-V boats is a purposefully engineered extruded full-length keel developed from the highest quality aluminum. Integrated into the hull using our tongue and groove, continuous seam welding process, the keel becomes part of the boat and contributes greatly to the durability and smooth ride that sets Crestliner apart.

  4. Interlocking Tongue and Groove Construction

    Unlike many competitors, our Mod-V boats are crafted with a single continuous tongue and groove construction process that results in a hull that never leaks, never catches a line and never needs maintenance. In short, a boat built to inspire lasting confidence.

  5. Continuous Welding Process

    Our legendary hulls are created by joining only the best aluminum with the skilled craftsmanship of our welders. Continuous welds run along the tongue and groove connection points from bow to stern, creating the strongest and smoothest Multi X hull in existence.


    From rugged transoms to solid decking, the consistency and quality of our wood-free, aluminum construction means you'll never have to worry about replacing components that might otherwise get compromised due to weather and time. Wood-free construction also makes for lighter, more easily towed boats.

  7. Detailed Finish Image1
    Detailed Finish Image2
    Detailed Finish Image3
    Detailed Finish Image4

    Refined Finish

    It should come as no surprise that the Built Right philosophy that guides the construction of a Crestliner also guides the finishing touches. A boat built to last forever deserves a fit and finish designed to do the same. From baked-on automotive quality paint and hand-smoothed hulls to no-slip decking material on some models: one thing is clear—about a Crestliner is considered, no matter which boat fits your budget. Inside our boats you'll notice two things: there's plenty of storage and space for your things, and lots of little details and features that make your life on the water easier.

  8. Broad Beam

    Broad Beam Design

    Our broad beam design and construction techniques allows us to offer you one of the strongest and most versatile Mod-V boats in the industry. No Mod-V is going to have more room to move, more places to store, and more ways to enjoy your time on the water than a Crestliner.

    Broad Beam Image5

    Lock Track

    A specially designed channel along the gunnel accepts removable accessories including the Hunting Dog Ladder shown here.

    Broad Beam Image6


    With our exclusive SureMount Gunnel accessory system, you can mount your favorite gear without drilling into your boat.

  9. Safety Flotation

    Safety and flotation

    Each Mod-V boat is water tested to assure a leak free hull, and our process meets U.S. Coast Guard and National Marine Manufacturers Association standards for flotation foam. This gives you peace of mind as well as a quiet ride on the water.

    Safety Flotation Image1

    Safety is always our top priority. Every hull goes through rigorous factory floatation testing to ensure it's completely leak-free and meets our exacting floatation standards.

    Safety Flotation Image2

    Closed-cell foam is injected into hull cavities to ensure a lifetime of safety.

  10. Industry's Strongest Warranty

    Every Crestliner is engineered from the water up, and backed up with the best warranty on the water. Included in every new Crestliner boat purchase is our transferable Lifetime +3 Warranty and Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects your investment with total confidence. When you're ready to upgrade or sell, our legendary warranty protects your resale value so you can sell with confidence.

    CSI Award
    • NMMA CSI Recognition awards
    • for excellence in
      customer satisfaction


    At Crestliner, we're simply a group of passionate boat builders, driven by integrity and the idea of building boats the right way. Our dedication has created an unprecedented number of satisfied customers who've discovered the benefits of a boat built right for life.