Doc Reels In A WIn

Doc Reels In A WIn
  • July 22, 2014 by Crestliner

Congratulations to Crestliner Pro Team angler, Bruce ‘Doc’ Samson, for reeling in first place at the Aim Walleye Tournament on Leech Lake! Doc and his co-angler Tom Weihrauch fought rough waters throughout the day, making it work to their advantage. Catching five fish with a total weight of 35.07 lbs., Doc says winning was a matter of sticking to their plan. The winning technique? Leeches on a slip-bobber in 6.5 feet of water. Doc swears by slip-bobbers in shallow water on windy days, adding that he and Weihrauch knew they were going to reel in some winners once they found their spot. From where they were fishing, there wasn’t another boat in sight.

Nice work guys!


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