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Crestliner and Mercury: A Legendary Combination

Crestliner and Mercury: A Legendary Combination

October 19, 2018 by Crestliner

Buying a new boat can be a big investment. Like all large investments, you want confidence that it will stand up to years of use and perform every time you put the throttle down. Every boat purchase comes with two considerations: the boat and the motor. So, finding a quality combination that can excel is important to get the most enjoyment out of the life of your boat.

Crestliner and Mercury form a longstanding partnership of toughness, durability and power that have kept boats on the water far longer than their competitors. Pairing a Mercury outboard with Crestliner’s all-welded aluminum hull ensures you’re getting a powerful boat and motor combination that you’ll make memories with for years to come. 

Reliable, Strong, Proven

What defines Mercury and Crestliner is reliability, year after year.   When Mercury expanded and augmented its outboard lineup, they sought to meet the needs of a wide variety of boaters and tackle the challenges of open waters. That’s why Mercury reduced the copper content in their engines to improve corrosion resistance in their aluminum alloy. So, when it’s paired with a Crestliner hull, it’s enough to make you wonder if the phrase “iron sharpens iron” should be updated to aluminum.

Every Crestliner meets the water head on with its all-welded aluminum construction. The strength of having the hull all-welded means having a rock-solid boat that delivers durable, long-lasting performance day after day.

When you pair a Mercury with Crestliner’s durability and strength, you’ll unlock the potential on any body of water. You’ll be able to reach fishing spots others can’t or won’t dare to try. That’s the power of all-welded aluminum hull paired with a powerful engine. It’s a difference you can feel every time you get on plane.


Made to Make Life Easier Off The Water, Too

Thanks to our all-welded aluminum construction, Crestliners are easy to maintain. Mercury has also taken steps towards easier maintenance by making the oil filter more accessible to the everyday angler and providing a drip-free catch tray that allows you to change oil without a big mess. You don’t go out on the water to play mechanic, you go to enjoy the day doing what you love.  With the many features common to Mercury outboards, and Crestliner’s all-welded aluminum construction, your boat is low-maintenance from bow to stern to motor.

A good engine makes boating more enjoyable, and the features on a Mercury were created to do just that. Mercury engines are designed and built with high-end gauges, innovative features and options like Smart Tow for water sport enthusiasts and Active Trim that provides instant and effortless automatic trim for compatible outboards. These offerings complement the features of any Crestliner to create an on-the-water experience that transcends fishing, hunting, skiing or cruising and makes it easier to own the day.

Every feature on Mercury’s new V-6 and V-8 outboards were painstakingly tested on Lake X, Mercury’s exclusive testing lake. Mercury’s advancements in the alloy, sound, accessibility and fuel economy added to Crestliner’s all-welded strength and reliability makes the two a superior combination for any boater on the water.


Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

This long-standing partnership between Crestliner and Mercury means you can go boldly anywhere, through anything, and come out the other side with a full livewell and a fresh story. The peace of mind that great equipment brings means that you get to drop a line in the water or tow the kids all day long and simply enjoy the moment. Every time you step in a Crestliner, you’re at the helm of limitless opportunity, wherever you choose to steer it.

*New Mercury engines are available on all boat models starting at 150hp and up.

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