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John Cox Chases Another Title

John Cox Chases Another Title

June 13, 2017 by Crestliner

In 2016, Crestliner National Pro Team angler John Cox was virtually unstoppable. Tournament after tournament, Cox showcased his unique brand of fishing all the way to an FLW Forrest Wood Cup win and a whopping $300,000 grand prize. Fishing from his Crestliner PT 20, Cox was able to best his peers thanks to the boat’s durability and wide variety of fishing features.

“I choose Crestliner because of the storage, the giant livewells and the massive rod lockers. I have everything I need in that boat. But also because I need a boat that can get places other guys can’t,” Cox said.

“Fiberglass boats don’t have the same maneuverability. The Crestliner’s fishability is so much better than a fiberglass. Without my PT 20 there would have been no way I would have won the Forrest Wood Cup.”

For 2017, Cox doesn’t plan to change what made him so successful last year. He’s still fishing from a PT 20. He’s still sight fishing. And he’s still displaying the work ethic and preparation of a champion angler.

“I start preparing weeks, months, sometimes even years before the tournament even happens. Reading maps, satellite images, reading fishing reports, trying to figure out what stage the fish are in. It’s all so important because we only get a few days of practice. You’ve gotta know the lake beforehand.”

All the pieces are in place for a repeat of 2016, and Cox hopes that his success continues all the way to Lake Murray and the 2017 FLW Forrest Wood Cup. Follow Crestliner on social media for the latest on John’s quest for a repeat and more boat and fishing news.