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Amy Sellwood
Hometown: Balgonie, Saskatchewan
Crestliner Model: 1850 Fish Hawk
Favorite Technique: Jigging

Amy's love of fishing started at 10 years old when she began going on trips with her dad and grandpa.  Still today she reflects on the memories she had with the two of them on what seemed like endless adventures together on the water.  In the competitive world of walleye fishing it is rare to find even a handful of women competitors mixed in with all the male participants.  Amy's independence as a woman is a contributing factor to wanting to compete against the men.  She has been quoted as saying, "The fish don't know any difference on who is holding the rod, so why not compete.  I can fish just as good as the next guy!"  Sixteen years after her fishing beginnings, Amy started her competitive fishing career competing in the smaller, local tournaments with her dad and close friends.  It took a first place finish and big fish of the tournament to get Amy hooked for life.  Amy is only one of a few active women members of the Saskatchewan Walley Trail (SWT).  Amy competes in tournaments on the trail as well as the unique ladies-only fishing tournament held on Tobin Lake, SK.  Amy continues to move up the standings year after year, with regular finishes in the top 20%.

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