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Crestliner's Pro Staff

Shawn Estes "Team Cat' N' Around"


Hometown: Henry County Kentucky

Crestliner Model: 2014 Crestliner 2200 Intruder

Favorite Technique: The pools on the river we fish typically have moderate to swift current, and most times stained, at best. I feel like this gives us an edge over most anglers, because most are not comfortable with that much flow or color.


I was born and raised in Henry County Kentucky.  My father passed when I was only two.  I was raised by my Grandfather Bennie Yeary.  In all my years I've never meet a man that had such a passion for fishing.  We started out on the Kentucky River, Ohio River, Six Mile Creek, and other small ponds in and outside our county.  I was only 3 when I caught my first Catfish, granted it was only a Bullhead, but that's what started me on the path of fishing.  In my younger days it was all fun with Grandpa.  Today it has become a Passion, and especially to Compete!  i'm so thankfull to Crestliner for having me for Pro Staff, and look forward to this Year's Tournaments.

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Estes Construction, ACB Metals, Sgt.Sissy's Bait and Tackle Carrollton, Ky and Driftmaster