Behind the Build: Introducing the 2200 Bay Boat

Behind the Build: Introducing the 2200 Bay Boat
  • May 27, 2013 by Crestliner

Innovation runs deep at Crestliner. We’ve been building boats for discerning consumers for nearly seventy years. From our all-welded hulls and legendary construction to innovations like the conversion bow and reverse chines.

This tradition continues in 2013 at Crestliner, which will see the release of the Crestliner 2200 Bay Boat, our first-ever Deep-V intercoastal boat. With our legendary Build Right philosophy informing its creation we’re extremely proud to offer this boat to our coastal audiences.

It’s safe to say that we’ve seen many generations of boating families come and go. But by and large, people look to Crestliner not because of the latest technology or gadget. They look to Crestliner because it’s a boat they’ll pass on to their grandchildren one day and it’s a willing partner in great boating adventures—no matter where. More recently in our history, we’ve seen great success in the Mod-V category. People in other regions are beginning to understand the legacy of Crestliner boats and appreciate the lasting value, quality and best-in-class warranty that comes standard with every boat.

We’ve spent a great deal of time and energy not just building a boat, but building the right boat. In bringing the 2200 Bay to life, we worked with dealers, we fished with commercial fisherman and we canvassed marinas. All this to make sure that the boat we build is the boat anglers are looking for.


  • STABLE DEEP-V HULL DESIGN—Crestliner’s proven Deep-V hull design not only creates more on-board space, it adds greatly to overall stability and safety in more open and rough water.
  • SELF-BAILING HULL—A Crestliner-exclusive, the Bay 2200 features self-bailing scuppers in transom, limiting the use of bilge pump and saving on battery life.
  • MORE SPACE, WHERE IT MATTERS—More room in almost every key area, including an 11” wider cockpit and wider beam and bottom width, creates larger deck space and increases fishability.
  •  A LARGE, CONVENIENT CONSOLE—At 49 cu. feet, the console area is nearly twice the size of its closest competitor and packed with fisherman-friendly  features.

You can now see the 2200 Bay Boat on our website, and on select dealer floors in the coming months, but we wanted to share the news with our loyal and dedicated fanbase as soon as we could. This is a big step for Crestliner and it’s one we hope certain anglers look into to meet their near-shore boating needs.


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