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The Hull That Redefines Deep-V Performance

Meet the revolutionary new Active Performance (AP-X) Hull from Crestliner. The innovative recessed pad design features dual tracking edges to actively channel water to the prop for instant lift and enhanced driving responsiveness. Hardcore anglers and recreational boaters alike will experience maximum control, acceleration and increased engine performance from this revolutionary, U.S. Patent Pending hull. Elevate every day on the water with the new AP-X hull, only from Crestliner.

Feel The Difference

From taking corners at speed, to getting on plane, to the maximized engine performance, everything about the AP-X hull is designed to give you an unparalleled on-the-water experience. It’s not a difference you’ll see on the water, but you’ll certainly feel it.

Angling Aces

High Performance Handling

While cornering, the AP-X hull’s dual tracking edges deliver maximum control and a smooth, dry ride. The hull’s innovative design also offers improved tracking at trolling speed.

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Maximize Engine Performance

The recessed pad design creates instant lift for an accelerated holeshot while also channeling a continuous flow of undisturbed water to the prop so you can get the most out of your engine.

How The AP-X Hull Stacks Up

The AP-X Hull is engineered to give you an advantage over anything the water will bring, and a superior edge over other boats through a combination of thoughtfully engineered features.

No other hulls have a combination of:

  • Dual Tracking Edges
  • Dual Channel Recessed Pad
  • Full-Length Keel
  • Variable Degree Reverse Chine
Recessed Pad Design

Recessed Pad Design

Allows for undisturbed water flow to the engine for peak performance.

Dual Tracking Edges

Dual Tracking Edges

Provides maximum control to power through heavy chop and stay on track at trolling speeds.

Full-Length Keel

Full-Length Keel

The keel integrates seamlessly into the hull from bow to stern, providing maximum strength and performance.

Available On These Models

1850 Raptor

Multispecies Boats

1850 Raptor


18' 7"





HP Range